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Hometown Roofing Ltd.
  • Roof Replacement

    We've got you covered!

      Roof replacement projects demand the same level of attention and roofing expertise as the construction of a new roofing system.  Hometown will present roof replacement solutions that meet our client's budget, mitigate disruptions to the occupants, comply with manufacturer's installation specifications ensuring you are investing in a long-term roofing solution. 


      In order to determine the true extent of a client's roof replacement needs, Hometown diligently performs an inspection of the existing roofing system.  Upholding rigorous industry standards, Hometown generally extracts at least two samples of the existing membrane, including components and insulation.  In fact, Hometown believes in performing an inspection all the way to the original roof deck; given that the condition of the surface does not always allow a quality assessment of the entire system.

      In some situations, moderate repairing or partial replacements better serve the client, however; when annual maintenance costs exceed 5% of the replacement costs or when repairs simply prove ineffective, replacement is recommended.

      Industry experts suggest exploring the possibility of re-roofing when repairs provide fruitless results or when annual maintenance costs exceed 5% of replacement costs.

    Supportive Drainage Systems

      Proper drainage systems ensure a maximum return on your roof system investment.  Before any replacement recommendation is provided, Hometown examines the existing drainage system, including primary drains, scuppers, and overflows, as needed to satisfy drainage requirements.  In places where the roof system's slope is fundamentally inadequate, affordable solutions such as the addition of drains, tapered insulation, and crickets can be recommended to prevent future water ponding issues.