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    Roof Maintenance Program

    The  life of your roof is directly related to how often it is inspected and  how quickly small problems are identified and repaired. A roof inspected  annually can last up to 50% longer than one that is visited only when  there is a leak. Maintenance with documentation provides you with a  written history of repairs, a projected life expectancy, and clear  budget numbers for future planning. It gives you both knowledge and  control.

    Hometown Roofing is pleased to announce that it is now offering  clients a roof maintenance program.  Performing annual roof inspections  will eliminate or reduce unnecessary leaks and extend the overall life.

    Why roof maintenance?

    If you are able to extend the life of your roof by an additional 5 or  10 years, the payback can be substantially greater than the maintenance  costs.

    Roof condition reports and forecast information puts the owner in the  driver’s seat.  Roof maintenance will be managed more efficiently and  cost effectively.

    How it works

    • Have a professional from Hometown Roofing come and inspect your building.
    • We will provide an online or written report, which will include an analysis of the roof and recommendations for repair.
    • The report will be used to implement a plan to extend the life expectancy of your roof.
      A  roof drawing will also be provided showing all of the areas of their  roof, as well as a chronological history of repairs and maintenance  performed.  This will allow you to see the areas of the roof that have  had work performed on them and when.