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  • New Construction

    We'll be with you every step of the way!

    Hometown Roofing provides quality new construction roofing — delivering building owners, property managers and architects with commercial roofing expertise and superior customer service. Since every building envelope and roof system are unique, we believes in preparing customized solutions that work closely with our clients to determine the structure's long-term needs. Well thought-out and thoroughly prepared specifications along with accurate drawings are critical for the success of any new construction roofing investment. 

    Quality Materials

     Appropriate roofing material selection is vital to the quality of the roof assembly, and long-term investment. We advise on the optimal roofing systems depending on the budget, the functional needs of the building as well as other factors.  Delivering to both need and preference, Hometown Roofing are specialized installers of Single-Ply Roofing, BUR (Built-Up Roofs), Shingle Roofing, Metal Roofing, and Garden Roofs/Green Roofing.
    Roofing systems are investments that fall into the paradigm of cost, quality, and turnaround time. Accordingly, Hometown strives to identify all new roof construction investment considerations including: long-term threats, maintenance requirements, technical considerations, life-cycle costs, among other things.

    Some things to consider...

    Long-Term Threats to Roof Systems
     This includes any future variables/conditions that contribute to the demise of the roof system including, extreme weather such as hail and ice, intensive foot traffic (e.g. frequent HVAC maintenance), and intense solar radiation exposure.

    Roof Systems Maintenance Requirements
     Given the long-term investment, building owners should plan for future budgeting of regular roofing maintenance. For example, many commercial roofing membranes require an updated coating every 10-15 year, therefore, the long-term planning is just as important as the initial construction budget.

    Technical Considerations of Roof Systems
     In constructing a new roof, overlooked requests and requirements are inevitable. Hometown seeks to uncover all technical considerations, therefore, everything from the architecture to the environment are taken into account. For example, we would need to know if there are any specific fire resistance requirements. Perhaps a unique pigment is required per the corporate architectural branding guidelines?

    Life-Cycle Costs
    It's common for business or home owners and architects to select a roof system primarily on the initial installation cost, however, the oversight on the long-term roofing investment can be devastating. If for example a less expensive system is selected, the physical qualities of the membrane may not be ideal for the systems requirements and maintenance cost down the road will quickly negate and exceed the original costs savings. we strive to provide solutions to clients based on the life-cycle costs including:

    • The initial cost of installation
    • Total energy consumption
    • Roof system maintenance and repairs
    • Removal and disposal of the roof upon the completion of the life span.
      Fundamentally, it takes an experienced roofing company like Hometown Roofing to accurately determine the effective life span of a particular roofing system.