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Hometown Roofing Ltd.
  • Leak Service

    Were here to help!

     Addressing every roofing system with a unique understanding of the structure’s functional envelope, Hometown presents various solutions once a roof leak has been identified. Our skilled technicians are trained in a wide variety of waterproofing systems and roofing techniques. We utilize a spectrum of applications including: fluid applied membranes, self adhering sheet membranes, bituminous and thermoplastic sheet membranes and composite rubberized asphalt membranes, making your leak repair possible in most weather conditions and flexible to most budgets. 

    Total Waterproofing Solutions

    Hometown helps building owners and commercial building managers tune-up their building envelope system to the region’s volatile climate conditions. It’s during the driest months that Hometown performs preemptive maintenance to protect our clients from the costly emergency conditions of the winter months. Hometown employs cost effective roofing systems that flex with the Okanagan's changing climate while sealing and securing compromising holes and cracks.  

    Waterproofing Total Building Envelopes — Not Just Commercial Roofing

    The waterproofing of a building system extends beyond simply the roofing system. Accordingly, Hometown's extensive waterproofing expertise extends to below-grade building structures including foundation walls and sub-structures.

    Waterproofing Services
    If you are in the South Okanagan, a Hometown consultant will visit your site and provide an intensive inspection of your unique building system. Accordingly, a detailed plan will be customized to the needs of the building envelope and the specific maintenance budget.